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Fallbrook & Bonsall Real Estate Broker Caravan – January 22, 2014

Fallbrook & Bonsall Real Estate Broker Caravan – January 22, 2014

Fallbrook Real Estate Broker CaravanIt’s Wednesday again and it was the real estate broker caravan again but this time there were homes to see in both Fallbrook and Bonsall. There were 5 homes in Fallbrook and 2 homes in Bonsall on this caravan. There were some very nice home to see this time but at a lower price range. Talking about price range… Again, there was a home on caravan where you have to wonder what that agent was thinking who priced it? There were two homes that were priced $9,500 apart, one for $750,000 that was built 1988 had 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and it was 2,969 square feet the other home was listed for $759,500, it was built 2004 had 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and is 3,346 square feet, located in a beautiful lot with nice views. There was no comparison between these two homes; the home built 2004 just blew doors on the home built 1988, yet there was not much difference in price, really now! It makes you wonder? Views of Palomar Mountain from FallbrookAnyway, the next home was a horse ranch on 2.5 acres built in 2005, located nice and private, equipped with everything a small horse ranch should have, it was priced at $799,000. Than I stopped into check out a home in the private gated community of Brook Hills Estates that was one of the first model home when they first started to sell in 2000. It was a nice home but somewhat dated and needed some landscaping done but it did have a very nice master suite, this home was priced at $850,000. The last home I went to look at was built in 2005 and situated on 4 acre on a private cul-de-sac, it had some very nice amenities with really large room over the garage that was used for an office. I only did see 5 of the 7 homes on the Fallbrook and Bonsall real estate caravan this time but it was nice to see some old friends and enjoy some of the food served at a few of the homes. Below you can see all of the homes on caravan, if you have any question or want more information about these 7 homes don’t hesitate to contact me at 760.415.8538 or use the I want more info button above the listing… Enjoy!

Fallbrook and Bonsall real estate broker caravan for sale

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